• For pressure and sewage pipes ND 50-ND 250 up to approx. 100 m length (depending on method)
• For installation in manholes up to ≥ ND 1000 and in small pits
• Bursting rig length only 60 cm
• Bursting rod effective length in manhole: 470 mm
• Relatively simple operation inside the manhole
• No civil engineering works when working from manhole to manhole
• High level of working safety
• Installation of short pipes in manholes with Burstfix, see page 12 (Burstfix is available for all GRUNDOBURST models)

View in the manhole with GRUNDOBURST400S
GRUNDOBURST400 S in manhole, operated with hydraulic power unit TT B20 or TT B110
Rod box 400 S for:
bursting rods 54 mm diameter,
effective length 470 mm with35 bursting rods
effective length 700 mm
with 107 bursting rods


In tight working conditions the GRUNDOBURST400S can also be applied from (small) pits..


Technical data 400S  
Dimensions bursting rig LxWxH [mm]: 600 x 490 x 340
Weight bursting rig [kg]: 251
Thrust force at 200 bar [kN]: 275
Pulling force at 250 bar [kN]: 400
Manhole diameter [mm]: 1000
Axis height [mm]: Pit: 220 Manhole: 140
Recommended hydraulic drive: TT B110 or TTB 20
Driving capacity [kW]: 55,5 at.2800 rpm. 24,4 at 3000 rpm
Hydr. Operating pressure[bar]: 250
Old pipe Ø: ND 50 - ND 250
for pipe materials: Stoneware, concrete, PVC, PE, grey / ductile cast iron, AC, GRP, Steel
New pipe Ø;: up to OD 280
for pipe materials: PE, PP, Stoneware, ductile cast iron, GRP, Steel
Bursting rod Ø: [mm]: 54 (standard) or 35, max. 200 kN
Bursting rod weight [kg]: 5
Bursting rod effective length [mm]: 470

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