Hydraulic cable pulling unit GRUNDOTUGGER250


With GRUNDOTUGGER 250 minor pipe bursting tasks, e. g. the replacement of house service connections in the existing bore path, can be carried out quickly and simply at low cost. The GRUNDOBURST pipe bursting accessories from TRACTO-TECHNIK can be used with GRUNDOTUGGER250 to burst exisitng old pipes made of different materials and pull in a new pipe simultaneously. 

Additionally the system enables the fast and cost-effective installtion of new pipes in combination with a GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer. To do so, the soil displacement hammer creates a pilot bore which is upsized  for a new pipe up to DN 150 using the  GRUNDOTUGGER250.

The system consists of:

  1. GRUNDOTUGGER250  with pulley and support frame
  2. Hydraulic power unit TT M9 (alternatively mini excavator)
  3. Winch cable with 14 mm  diameter (maximum 10t pulling force) for pressure pipes from OD 32 to OD 63 or alternatively with winch cable 19 mm diameter (maximum 25 t pulling force) for pipes from OD 63 to OD 180,
  4. Cutting blades for lead, plastic, clay ware, concrete and asbestos cement pipes

Renewal of a house service connection line using GRUNDOTUGGER250

  • For small diameter supply pipes where working is only possible with a winch cable
  • One system for pipe replacement, single pipe bursting and pipe string relining
  • Pipe renewal out of a keyhole possible
  • Application up to 60 m section length at almost constant pulling force
  • Compact modular system for application out of small pits (L x W: 1,20 x 1,00 m) or out of a keyhole (650mm diameter)
  • Fast set up, easy transportation
  • Simple jobsite compatible construction
  • Driven by a hydraulic unit  or alternatively via a mini excavator hydraulics
  • Application of winch cables of different diameters by simply exchanging the cable 
  • Operation outside the construction pit using a rigboom a and a support frame
  • high working quality, long service life
  • low investment and low operation costs

Technical data:
L x W x H:    1120 x 865 x 1400 mm
Pulling force: Cable 19 mm diameter
Cable 14 mm diameter
250 kN at 160 bar
100 kN at 65 bar

Machine incl.
cable drum and cable
(14 mm diameter, L= 60 m)
630 kg



Installation of a new pipe using a GRUNDOMAT mole and Grundotugger 250

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